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Cari [userpic]

Blue Moon tonight!

May 31st, 2007 (09:29 am)

Astronomy sites and related information always list things in Universal Time. But if you're in North America, at the least you are -4 or 5 hours behind UT. This means a Full Moon listed on June 1 is actually on May 31 for all of North America. So everyone else will have to wait until June for their Blue Moon.

If you don't know what a Blue Moon is, it is the second full moon within one calendar month. It's not super rare, but it is rare enough to warrant the "Once in a Blue Moon" addage. The Full Moon occurs at 9:04 p.m. EDT and rises around 9:20 p.m. EDT. I will be celebrating by drinking Blue Moon beer and High Life Light at the 'Once In a Blue Moon Hash', hared by myself and another Hasher.

Have a good night!

Cari [userpic]

Friends-Only now

April 18th, 2007 (05:39 pm)

Although I probably don't post enough to warrant this, I'm going Friends-Only. I'll eventually get to all the old entries etc., but I figured it was time. Especially if I get the job I interviewed for this week, I will need to step up the level of confidentiality in my life regarding work. Damn being professional.

I just wanted to give anyone who watches me a heads up. This and one other entry will probably be the only non-Friends-Only entries.



Cari [userpic]


January 12th, 2007 (12:32 am)
current location: Home
current song: Get Over It - Ok Go

I need to remember that when not combined with alcohol, I need to not drink coffee in any amount past 9 p.m. because that means I will not fall asleep. I also keep yawning but I'm not the slightest bit tired.

I've been working a bunch this week, mostly due to some people being sick. It will be nice to have those buffer hours when the lack of hours kicks in. We've cut our open time from 8 am - 10 pm to 9 am - 9 pm. Yay I get to go home earlier, boo less hours to get. So far not too bad but we'll see.

Oh yeah and from now on, when referencing any personal information, most of my entries will be friends only. Not all, but many. This is due to some random postings by people I do not know (and not to sound mean, but nor do I care about them) So this will most likely be my last public posting for awhile unless it's something rather random. I'd rather not go friends only (not like it really matters) but if it will come to that...well...

Laters all.

Cari [userpic]

Oh yeah a few other things

November 27th, 2006 (02:45 pm)
current location: Home, on the recliner
current song: Heroes

If you're in Indianapolis (or willing to come to Indy) on New Year's Eve and are looking for a get together, Zach and I are having a party at our new place. You're welcome to come, just message me back with your email and I'll send you more details once we make them and our address. We do have crash space on the floor so bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. And I hope you're not allergic to cats. It will be some BYOB, but we should have some snacks and drinks provided.

Also, since I've become the unofficial beer and wine expert at work, I need to know about mulled wine. Does anyone know what types of wines (give me grape types people) are best for mulled wine?

Thanks mai peeps!

Cari [userpic]

This is getting old

September 18th, 2006 (12:44 am)

current location: Home
current mood: annoyed
current song: White Collar Boy - Belle and Sebastian

Maybe it's because I haven't been working so much lately and definitely sleeping too much but insomnia has hit once again. I think it is partially to do with, tonight, it's just hot in here. I finally had to shut the windows and turn the AC on.

So updates.....

I still have no full time job though not for lack of trying. I wish I'd kept tally because I'm sure the applications are upwards 40+, and I've have 4 interviews: two of them at the museum, one at a temp agency, and one at a legitimate non-pity feeling work place (i.e. they don't feel obligated) Either I just don't have what it takes, people are super slow, or the market around here is THAT bad. So I've decided to pick up more hours at the museum by working in the box office. I think it's best suited for my personality right now.

Pissed off at my mother. Back when I had my root canal, which she took me to, she told me I still had active insurance, that she had talked to the administrating company to make sure of it. Low and behold, there was a problem with it and they have been super nice about the filing. Well I finally broke down and called the administrating company: guess what, she was either just LYING or really had become delusional. Fortunately my COBRA paperwork finally came in last week so we just have to decide how far along we're going to pay for it. It isn't too bad and my next paycheck at the museum will probably cover it.

We're moving. We spent a good chunk of Friday looking at places. I tell you, I've seen the gamit on some of these places. We're leaning towards a nice townhome in Broad Ripple Apartments. It sits right on the Monon, behind the strip mall where Sunflower Market is. We'll probably only have to drive to work or if we're going downtown or something. Excellent. I might see if I can get a carpool going with a friend for the museum, too.

I've started going to a new doctor. I made no bones about it that I highly disliked my previous physician. I asked him to run certain tests (mostly for hypoglycemia, my migrain-like headaches etc) and he pretty much refused. Once I talked to my new doctor, he automatically said he wants an MRI done and to do the hypoglycemia test. I love him. I actually feel like he has my best interests at heart. I had my first (well first that I can remember) blood work done. I'm pretty healthy and normal. Zach decided he wanted to drink, though, the night before, and I gave into peer pressure. So my glucose levels were 'normal' but could be low in normal conditions. He said that although my cholesterol was OK (178), my triglycerides were high (320) but my BDL/LDL ratio was 1, so he wasn't too worried, just to try to watch it. Two things I found could have effected it: the flax seed oil I was taking for my eyes and the alcohol I had drank the night before. He said I might be leaning a little to diabetes, so that's probably why he wants to do the hypoglycemia test. He also said that I am leaning a little to hypothyroidism. Not a huge surprise: depression, have a hard time losing weight, and I get cold easily. But he said that since I'm physically active, it's not a huge worry. Because of the migraines (and that's what we're calling them until otherwise proven), I'm going to get an MRI. See, I have the energy to be more physically active, it's just the headaches get in the way. He's given me a migraine medication sample to try, because really if it feels like a migraine, might as well treat it like one. Also, my grandfather and mother both have a well documented history with them, so it was really just a matter of time.

I got a hair cut on Friday and I'm not terribly happy with it. I think I might just grow it out again and go back to the old style. She did what I asked, it just didn't work. I want something a little younger looking, a little more trendy, but with curly hair...who knows what might work.

I'm still not sleepy but I think I'm about done. I think I'll be putting together a September playlist soon, skipping August entirely. August just wasn't a great month.

Cari [userpic]

It's WTF night for sure

August 28th, 2006 (01:03 am)

There are a lot of things on my mind, so I hope that I'll be able to remember everything.

First of all, I watched the William Shatner Roast for the first time tonight. It's been sitting on the DVR for too long and I had some time on my hands. OMFG hilarious. Thank you Comedy Central.

Second, I really really REALLY want to see Beerfest. I <3 Broken Lizard. And it's...about...BEER!

I haven't had sex in almost a week. I know you didn't want to know that, but it's really getting ridiculous. Zach gets home tomorrow though.

Popped open some wine from our Bonny Doon wine club, look forward to it. It was disappointing. If anyone can get ahold of a Bonny Doon Nebbiolo, I would forever be your lover/friend.

It's 1 am, and I should be asleep. I slept like a baby last night, but that's mostly due to the Advil PM I took last night. Oh well.

Dang it, I can't remember what else I wanted to say but I can't remember. And no, I'm not drunk.

Had a good hash last night though. K, that's it right now. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow. Sorry, I'm rather disappointing tonight.

Cari [userpic]


August 19th, 2006 (09:22 am)

current mood: cranky

More drugs are needed at the Crowe home. Zach has a cold (and I'm hoping I'm not going to get it) and I'm still n pain from the root canal. Actually, I think my pain is centered in my angry gums holding said tooth in place. Plus I haven't been sleeping, quite possibly due to pain. So I may be off soon to round up a series of pain meds: Advil Cold & Sinus (we both need it), regular Advil, and Advil PM (brand new). I also need to ween myself off the vicodin anyways.

Cari [userpic]

And here are some updates

August 18th, 2006 (09:52 am)

That is if anyone cares...Yeah I'm kind of in one of those moods.

About three weeks ago I started getting some major pain in one of my teeth. This tooth had chipped last year and although I knew I had a cavity, I didn't have insurance and put it off. I eventually got used to it and I barely noticed it. Well all of a sudden I get this pain. At first it wasn't so bad, but then it grew into excruciating pain...just so happened I was out with the in-laws that day, shopping. We had been talking about my job search and I finally snipped at them because Zach, his sister and mom were ganging up on me about telling prospective employers about my planned honeymoon in the fall. I told them 'Well there is no job and there is no honeymoon, so there's nothing to worry about right now.' When we got back to their house I was tempted to go to an emergency dentist in Indy, but I decided not to as the pain was starting to go away. Tuesday I made it to Zach's dentist who is less than a block away. After spending 2 1/2 hours in the office and only 10 with the doctor, they said I needed a root canal and they were going to send me offsite. I ended up going to my old dentist who, although a far away drive, I knew her. So now I'm in post root-canal pain. I think most of it is from my gums getting used to it and the many many shots of novocaine I received. She couldn't get me numb. I think I had 6-7 shots of it. Surprisingly, I did well with the shots. Better than I have before. I think it's in part due to the surgery I had in February and the hour of an IV being stuck in my hand.

I did not get the job at the Children's Museum. It would have been perfect for me. I am very disappointed. The person they chose also works there, but already had a position in the Events and Rentals Department which works with the Tourism and Group Sales Coordinator. I hope this person at least has some marketing background. I went on an interview last week to FC Tucker and thought I at least stood a chance, especially for the little amount of money they were offering. Nope, the day I planned to call the VP of Marketing back, I got a letter saying they chose someone else.

I've been applying to a lot of jobs I've found online through CareerBuilders and Monster. At first I thought they weren't paying attention to when they received applications through the website instead of straight through email. That's how FC Tucker got me and called me the same day. I've only heard from Temp/Placement agencies, though, and it's discouraging. As I told Lisa yesterday, I feel very inadequate. I mean, nothing against temp agencies, I've worked for them before. It's just a little demeaning...and tells me I don't have the qualifications to make it. Plus, Marketing/Advertising is a tough market. The Graphic Design path is the worst: there are too many out there. Fortunately that's not what I want but a lot of places lump marketing and advertising together. So I will most likely take this 3 month position at $10 an hour through a temp agency. At least it's money coming in and although it is $2 an hour less than I was making, it's better than what I'm doing now, which is next to nothing.

This means, though, that Zach and I will not be taking our extended honeymoon. At least we got to do something right after the wedding.

Also because of all this, Lisa is coming down for a visit instead of us coming up. I have a ton of stuff for her to take to her new apartment, mostly things we've replaced because of the wedding. At some point I need to go to the storage unit and see what's in there. Really, if it's only a few boxes, my desk and my skies, maybe I can see if mom is willing to store some of it in her attic. That's an extra $30 a month we could use.

Cari [userpic]

A few things

August 7th, 2006 (09:42 pm)

I didn't get the job at the museum and I'm really disappointed but there might be a little good that comes from all that.

I'm looking for a pasta dough recipe because I have a pasta machine attachment for my mixer. I'd like to maybe make a basil pasta. Anyone have any recipes?

I've been applying for jobs today through CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com. I already have a call. WTF?

Looking forward to seeing duncatra and hobbsthepenguin this week.

Cari [userpic]

I pwned u, suckaz

July 27th, 2006 (12:23 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: satisfied
current song: Ruiner - Nine Inch Nails

I've been working at the museum a lot lately, mostly because they needed someone to work and I needed the hours...what a concept. Anyways, I was walking home the other day and, although rare, I was accosted a bit.

Backstory: I live just north of downtown, in an area that along the main street (Meridian) is generally nice but if you go about 3-4 blocks on either side of Merdian in these parts, it's straight out ghetto. Like rundown crack houses etc. There are people moving into some of these areas, revitalizing homes, but it's still ghetto. I have a 3 block walk home from the museum and I've rarely had anyone accost me. But I have to hand it to these punks, they have balls if they do.

So I'm walking home on one side of Meridian and on the other side is a group of 13-15 years olds, I'd guess, three of them. Yes, they're black but that's besides the point. One of them yelled to me, I can't remember what he said; it sounded like just trying to get my attention. They were walking in the same direction as I was and the gears started moving: what the fuck will I do if I run into them? Usually, just ignore them, but a little phrase started working it's way in my brain. They took some short cut and ended up waaay in front of me, right at the opening of an alley that marks the start of my neighborhood (prior to that is a Mental Health Clinic and it's parking lot, which they took the short cut through). They saw me and stopped, acting as if they were looking at something. It was mostly the one kid who yelled at me before who seemed any kind of threat. They actually took up the sidewalk enough that I had to walk around them, and I did without hesitation and without incident.

After I passed them, I heard the one who had yelled at me before say something to the like of making a 'checking me out' noise. When I reached the point between them and my house, I turned around and said 'I don't play with boys, I like men. So give me a call when your balls drop.'

I think they were utterly stunned, really. I turned around and the guy's friends started 'Oooo' 'Aww'..and laughing at him. I think he tried to comeback with saying I had 'Big Bird Legs' or whatever, but it wasn't a good attempt.

Zach said I should watch myself, but I was close enough home that had they caused any trouble that I could have bolted home, no problem.

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